Raul Rodarte-Suto   is the Community Initiatives Manager and Youth Leadership Cabinet coordinator at the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon. Raul serves as the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition President for the Texas Panhandle based in Amarillo, TX and is a poverty coach under Communication Across Barriers. Raul’s work focuses on intersecting prevention work with community development and services.

One of Raul’s most influencing life experiences happened in his 12 years as an afterschool program director for at-risk students and families. “I realized you either give value or take value from everyone you come in contact with.” Raul became an active volunteer for various arts in academics programs, and an advocate for education and multicultural relationships.

“Addressing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Professional Self-Care”

Suzanne Wright, MAM, LBSW, LCCA
Director of Training, Cal Farley’s

Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs):  Roles and Responsibilities.


AIRS exams are administered online so you must bring your own laptop or make arrangements with your agency to provide one. Seating is limited to 20 registered applicants. There is no additional TAIRS Testing Fee! Please be aware that registration for your local Affiliate Training is not the same as registration for the AIRS Certification exam.

All certification exam applications, supporting documentation and appropriate exam fees must be mailed to the AIRS National Office in Fairfax, Virginia, and must arrive 30 days prior to the exam. DO NOT send your application for Certification with your conference registration. If an application and payment are mailed to an address other than the AIRS National Office in Fairfax, Virginia, the application will not be processed, and the applicant will be unable to sit the exam.

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