2018 I & R Specialist Award- Jessica Pope
2-1-1 Texas Northeast Texas Region / CANHelp

2018 Clare B. Rothmeyer Distinguished Service Award, Cornelius Blackshear
United Way of Greater Houston


The Clare Rothmeyer Award  was established in honor of one of the most respected professionals in the field of information and referral. Clare B. Rothmeyer worked in the field of Information and Referral for more than 30 years with the Community Council of Greater Dallas. Clare is nationally recognized as a leader, teacher, mentor and innovator in I&R. She played a major role in the development of the 2-1-1 system in Texas and was a founding member of the Texas Alliance of Information and Referral Systems. The Award is given to a person or organization that has been especially supportive of I&R through legislative, financial or collaborative measures.

The Information & Referral Specialist Award  is given to an outstanding individual who exhibits a broad knowledge of resources and sincere empathy with those in need. The Award seeks to recognize that very special person who tirelessly answers the phone and goes the extra mile to help callers.

The I&R Database Specialist Award  is given to acknowledge an exemplary specialist who keeps the databases accurate and compliant with the myriad of style and taxonomy rules required of a good I&R system.

The Friend of TAIRS Award  recognizes an individual or an organization/company outside the field of information and referral services for outstanding contribution to the field and has had great impact promoting the power of I&R and enhancing the integrity of the profession.

Past TAIRS Service Award Recipients

2017 I & R Specialist Award- Shawnee Bartlett, CIRS
Texoma Council of Governments, 2-1-1 Texoma AIC

I & R Database Specialist Award- Shay Noriega, CRS
United Way of Greater Austin

Clare B. Rothmeyer Distinguished Service Award, Ayda Chapa, CIRS A-D
211 TX South Plains/South Plains ADRC

2016 I & R Specialist Award- Melinda Sinor, CIRS
Texoma Council of Governments, 2-1-1 Texoma AIC

 I & R Database Specialist Award- Erin Shilcutt, CRS, CIRS
United Way of Abilene 2-1-1 Texas A Call for Help

 Clare B. Rothmeyer Distinguished Service Award, David Smith, CIRS
United Way of Greater Houston, 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE

 Friends of TAIRS Award- Perry Jefferies
TexVet Initiative

2015 Clare B. Rothmeyer Distinguished Service Award: Glenda May
Allen Community Outreach

I&R Specialist Award: Shirley Urshan, CIRS
United Way of San Antonio & Bexar Co. 2-1-1 Texas Alamo Region AIC

I&R Database Specialist Award: Mary Browning-Alquist, CRS
Texoma Council of Governments, 2-1-1 Texas Texoma Region AIC

  • there was no Friend/s of TAIRS award given

2014   Clare Rothmeyer Award:  Judy Fullylove
Texoma Council of Governments

I&R Specialist Award:  Frances Potakey
United Way of Greater Houston

I&R Database Specialist Award:  Mary Cantu
Community Council of Rio Grande

2013     Clare Rothmeyer Award: Mary Damsgaard
United Way of SA & Bexar

I&R Specialist Award: Hilda Salazar
United Way of Brazos Valley

I&R Database Specialist Award: Meighan Middleton
UnitedWay of  Greater Houston

Friends of TAIRS Award:  Melody Chatelle, Ph.D
Chatelle & Associates