Public Policy

In 2019, Ashley Harris, Director of Policy & Community Engagement  (United Ways of Texas) provided a detailed legislative update. This update addresses exciting legislative wins (and a few disappointments) for Texas communities. Please click here for updates.

In 2017, TAIRS policy priorities are to encourage the certification and training of state and state-supported contact centers to better serve Texas

In 2017, TAIRS President Janna Shoe worked with the Texas Legislature to honor the 40th Anniversary of TAIRS in a public proclamation to be read on February 28, 2017.  HR 268 is listed here.

In 2014, TAIRS publicly responded to the Sunset Advisory Committee Staff Report on Health and Human Services Commission and Systems Issues.  Below is the TAIRS response as a white paper.

TAIRS Whitepaper Sunset Review HHSC 2014-11-03

In 2013, TAIRS secured Melody Chatelle, PhD of Chatelle and Associates to assist the board in developing strategies to educate state legislators about the information and referral profession.  For more information about Melody Chatelle visit:

Making a Difference in the Legislative Process and Why It Matters
Key Legislative Messages

Texas Alliance of Information & Referral Systems